About Me

Obligatory “About Me” Post. Ugh.

I’m a (boring) twenty-something horror lover … obviously!  I’m also an aspiring writer, which I’m not very good at … well, you’ll see.

I love movies, reading, cooking and I’m hoping to share my passions of all things horror with you!

I’ll be giving recommendations and reviews (kind of. They’ll be my opinion/rants on certain things so take that as you will.) on movies, television shows, books, food, etc. Basically, anything I want to talk about (horror wise) will be here.

All I ask is that you be respectful. I can have an opinion, you can have an opinion and guess what? We don’t have to agree! *gasp* All we have to do is be respectful. Now, if you want to have a (friendly) debate on why you love a certain character/show/movie then let’s do it! Give me your reasons on why you think it’s the best and I’ll give you mine on why I don’t like it (or like it, depending on the situation and all that jazz). And who knows? Maybe I’ll change my mind. Stranger things have happened.

**Disclaimer: Every movie, television show, book etc is nothing I own. This blog is just for entertainment purposes. No copyright infringement intended.**